A plug-and-play media server series that exceeds the requirements of the toughest environments with POWER – in processing, performance and playback! It supports uncompressed 4K playback, has a dual power supply and range of models offering from 4 up to 12 outputs – including 8 channels of bi-directional SDI.

Power to perform

The WATCHPAX 60 series offers a compact form factor with sheer power in performance. With the latest technology under the hood, it is ideal for demanding applications such as live events, attractions and broadcast installations.

WATCHPAX 60 is available in three models from 4 to 12 output channels. Each model features a dual power supply, HDMI and SDI input, balanced audio, dual 10 Gbit/s network for high-speed content transfer, high performance ultra-durable NVMe media storage, as well as a WATCHOUT license – backed by a two-year warranty.

Download the product cutsheet here.

Features and specifications

Feature/ServerWATCHPAX 60 (4x4K)WATCHPAX 60 (4x4K Genlock) WATCHPAX 60 (4x4K + 8xSDI)
Model/Part Number3368A3368B3368C
Embedded WATCHOUT licenseYesYesYes
Output Channels4 x 4K 4 x 4K 12 (4 x 4K, 8 x SDI*)
Connector Type4 x DP 1.44 x DP 1.44 x DP 1.4 & 2x12G or 8x3G
Fixed Input Channels1 x HDMI, 1x SDI1 x HDMI, 1x SDI1 x HDMI, 8 x SDI*
Optional Input ChannelsUSB onlyUSB onlyUSB only
Audio4 x XLR4 x XLR4 x XLR
NDI - Video over IP CaptureYesYesYes
High-Speed StorageYes, 1.9TBYes, 1.9TBYes, 1.9TB
Data Throughput (Approx Numbers)6000 MB/s6000 MB/s6000 MB/s
External Sync/GenlockN/AIncludedIncluded
Genlocked OutputsYesYesYes
Timecode InYesYesYes
Ethernet 2 x 10 GB2 x 10 GB2 x 10 GB
USB2 x USB 3.02 x USB 3.02 x USB 3.0
Redundant Power SupplyYesYesYes
Warranty Included2 year2 year2 year
Extended Warranty Option At CostYes, up to 5 yearsYes, up to 5 yearsYes, up to 5 years