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MIRAGE ASSOCIATES are the premium Dataton Partner

Mirage Associates are Dataton’s UK and Ireland Premium Partner. We are your exclusive connection to DATATON WATCHOUT™ multidisplay production and playback software. We are your best source for state-of-the-art media servers. And we are your connection to the Ovation Audio Server and Sequencer from Merging Technologies.

We are the team behind your team to help you create stunning multi-display presentations. We’ve helped countless organizations present their stories in dramatic and engaging ways.



WATCHNET is a user-friendly scheduling, control and maintenance software for WATCHOUT systems.

With WATCHNET, you get interactive control of WATCHOUT from an unlimited number of panels, such as iPhone, iPad, Android tablets/phones and computers. You decide how the panels look and act with the built-in GUI designer.

WATCHNET has no limitations and can be used to control external units integrated with WATCHOUT shows.

Key features

  • Control WATCHPAX media players or WATCHOUT systems
  • Manages an unlimited number of systems
  • Power, lighting and other auxiliary functions
  • Scheduling
  • Network discovery of available subsystems for easy set-up
  • Direct control of WATCHOUT timelines and inputs, full feedback
  • Manages show updates for adding new media and programming
  • Windows and Mac-based GUI designer for touch panels and other control surfaces
  • Platform-independent: Use with iPhone, iPad, Android tablets/ phones and Windows Surface or Mac/ Windows laptop/desktop computers
  • Based on standard network and HTML5 technologies
  • Intuitive scripting language with drag-and-drop of pre-configured actions

Get creative with intuitive panel design

WATCHNET enables interactive control from an unlimited number of panels (iPhone, iPad, Android tablets/phones and Windows Surface or Mac/Windows laptop/desktop computers) by leveraging the latest in network and HTML5 technologies.

The software features a Windows and Mac-based GUI designer, which lets the user easily, combine text, images, buttons, sliders and other widgets across multiple panels and pages in custom compositions. Functions are assigned from a library of pre-configured actions with simple drag-and-drop.

Get set with scheduling and updates

WATCHNET features a flexible scheduling function for fully automated control. Define days, times and other parameters and let WATCHNET do the rest.

The software also manages show updates for adding new media and programming. WATCHNET auto-discovers and monitors WATCHOUT clusters on the network, enabling easy set-up for integrators.


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